In order to allow developers and users to reap benefits from the blockchain, based on high-quality game content, social interaction system, built-in NFT wallet and marketplace, Efirah created a closed loop ecosystem. On the one hand, it gives developers easy access to tools for development, and helps high-quality games issue BEP20 tokens. Developers can benefit from issuing these tokens. In addition, these tokens can be used to charge, which solves the problem that many non-use tokens do not get spent and cannot maintain their circulation. On the other hand, users are encouraged to actively participate in the Efirah ecosystem, by playing games, participating in the development of games, and holding game tokens.



We focus on high-quality content, using our own development team and combine traditional game developers with existing successful blockchain games. We also try to attract traditional game players in order to create incremental effects. At the same time, a game crowdfunding function will be released through secondary smart contracts on Efirah, which will establish a strong connection between developers and early adopters.
In addition, as an important function of the Efirah Chain, games with a high quality ecosystem and huge user base can issue their exclusive secondary BEP20 token based on the Efirah chain. So that players can play the game, hold the game-specific token and reap the benefits from future game development.

Games to be released

Block West

Developed by the core team members of Perfect World's "The Condor Heroes'' team. The world's first blockchain MMORPG game. At present, it has officially launched on Efirah, and has many functions such as daily prize wheel, quests, battles, social chat, etc., and issued built-in BEP20 token (KC) based on Efirah. Equipment and pets were converted to NFTs and listed on Efirah's NFT Mall.
As the first exclusive game token, Block West token (KC) has been launched in the built-in wallet of Efirah. Players are free to perform transactions between the game and the wallet, and can use the wallet to transfer tokens freely.
The goal was to put "Westward Journey" on the blockchain. While retaining the various interesting core gameplays of a traditional MMORPG, the game mechanism is more transparent, the assets are more tangible and reusable, and all players can enjoy utility from the tokens.

Efirah Knight

Similar to the traditional classic shooting game "Soul Knight", the game has 5 kinds of characters, hundreds of equipment, dozens of maps and 3 modes (single adventure, survival challenge and world boss events). The three modes are easy to get started, difficult to master and have high playability. More importantly, the game's equipment is NFTs. Any equipment that players receive can be transferred out to a wallet, and then traded freely in the NFT Mall.
The game was the first NFT-enabled game supported by the Efirah Chain. It truly realizes the full potential and value of game equipment outside the game. Any player, even those who don't play Efirah Knight, can freely trade in the Efirah Mall. When players trade the game's equipment, the equipment is stored in their own wallet address and not on the game server.

Efirah Miner

The first "match-3" game on Efirah. The casual game of finding treasure chests is fun, easy to get started and difficult to master. If players play well, they will get EFR rewards and there will be an extra reward distributed every week based on the top ranking chart. At present, the single-player timed mode is online and more modes will be released in the future.

Efirah Betting

The betting game takes advantage of the blockchain's untamed, open and transparent features to eliminate player's distrust of the developer manipulating results. The idea was to put the result of the random probability of betting on the blockchain.
Efirah's players predict the outcome of the game and each event. The odds are completely determined by the user's betting dynamics. The settlement rules are completely transparent. Currently, popular tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League, Asian Champions League, the English Premier League, the European Top Five Leagues, the NBA, the League of Legends LPL and the NFL are all supported.

Efirah Celebrity

As the name suggests, that is, users can benefit from cultivating or collecting virtual cards, trading, and fighting in the game. The transparency of the game is ensured through smart contracts. The idea was to have a card game that used BEP20 tokens. Because of the non-identity of BEP20 tokens, each token is an independent and differentiated individual, which can be visualized into images with different appearances and parameters, such as cats, dogs, fishes, or a country, city and celebrity, etc.
Efirah Celebrity is a celebrity card collection game. We make celebrities in the Efirah community into tokenized cards. Players can buy and sell cards freely and gain more platform benefits by owning celebrity cards. The current celebrities include the first members of the Efirah community, third-party partners and well-known strategic partners in the blockchain industry. And more celebrities will be voted from those who have made significant contributions to the development of Efirah.
As an NFT asset, Celebrity cards have reusable properties, which are used by another game, Efirah Tycoon. Players with celebrity cards will automatically have a corresponding super strong card in Efirah Tycoon and can freely battle with other cards in the game.

Efirah Tycoon

Simulation games are about constructing a decentralized virtual world from a base. Players will obtain virtual property rights through various ways and can carry out various business activities in their own territory to grow.
Efirah Tycoon is a simulation game. Players collect a variety of celebrity cards in the game and develop their skills with training. They can battle with other players. If they win, they can plunder the opponent's resources. Currently, Efirah Tycoon is a tournament based game. Each tournament has a time limit. Players might need to compete with other players to maximize your profits within a limited time.
Efirah Tycoon was the first game to do a pre-sale on Efirah. During the pre-sale period, players could purchase celebrity card packages to get exclusive cards for the next season.

Social Features

Personalized Avatar

Each user of Efirah has a customized 3D avatar and their own private virtual space. The 3D avatar and personal space will also have a DIY function, where users can customize their appearance and decorate their personal space. Follow-up updates will bring intercommunication between users, and the user's character can visit another user's space.
Personalized clothing, accessories, furniture, ornaments, etc. will be circulated as NFTs in the Efirah Mall. Efirah will also open the editor function to support DIY designs by players. Users with strong design capabilities will provide design services that can be used to make personalized clothing and home decorations for sale to other users.

Contact List and Efirah Telegram Groups

Efirah has its own built-in Telegram group. Players can use their account to log in directly to the Efirah group and can easily join each blockchain game's exclusive discussion group to communicate with other players.
The group has all the functions of Telegram. Players can add contacts for private conversations; they can get updated information from the Efirah community; they can also create their own groups to interact within exclusive circles.

Third-party Platform Login

Efirah supports Facebook Login and plans future support for Kakao, Line and other platforms.

EFR Red Packet

The EFR Red Packet is a unique platform feature of Efirah. As a link between Efirah's community and the outside world, it is easy to implement gift-based socialization based on EFR.
Users can easily send the EFR in their wallet into red packets for third-party social platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Facebook and Kakao, etc.
If a Efirah user has received a red packet, the EFR will be directly sent to the Efirah wallet.
If the user is not part of Efirah, they can get an invitation via the red packet, and join Efirah to get the EFR.
Currently, the EFR red packet has been widely used in community interactions, platform activities and incentives for new players.



Efirah has a built-in BEP20 token and NFT wallet, which not only facilitates transactions, NFT collections, transaction inquiries, etc., but also let users view current NFT collections, and makes it easy to transfer or sell NFTs.
In addition to the Efirah Chain's main token EFR, Efirah wallet add KAC, created to celebrate Efirah reaching 1 million users, and Block West game token KC. KAC is a collection of tokens issued by Efirah, with a total amount of 10,000. The initial price for 1 KAC was 100 EFR, and the EFR used for initial purchases has been burned. At present, it is completely owned by the users of the Efirah community. KC is a game token with scarcity issued in Block West, which can be used to buy and sell rare equipment and pets in the game. KC can be obtained by paying EFR in Block West.

Browser payment

Complete built-in browser payment system. Whenever doing a wallet transfer, buying NFT in the NFT Mall, charging EFR in a Dapp like Efirah Knight or in Efirah Betting, users can use this universal EFR payment process.

NFT Shopping Mall

Efirah Mall is a digital collection exchange based on the BEP20 standard similar to OpenSea and Rarebits.
There are currently thousands of collections from Efirah Knight, Festival Commemorative Cards, Efirah Celebrity Cards and Block West.
Currently, it supports sorting and filtering collections according to major categories, latest releases, popularity, prices, etc., and recommending products according to popularity.
It supports additional searches like, precise filters (ID, numerical interval, etc.) and others; upcoming auctions, treasures and more.
All digital assets like equipment, props, etc. that are converted into NFTs on Efirah can be traded in the Efirah Mall using EFR.