Q2 2021:
      Launch Efirah
      Launch Efirah Knight
    Q3 2021:
      Launch NFT Wallet and Trading Platform
      Launch Celebrity Cards, World Cup Cards, Quizzes
    Q4 2021:
      Open access to third-party games
      Launch Efirah Tycoon
      Test voting
    Q1 2022:
      Launch "Community" (DAO) system
      Introduce the built-in DEX
    Q2 2022:
      Zilliqa Planet and BSC Planet
    Q3 2022:
      Dock more public chains
      Launch Super Player on Appstore and Google Play
    Q4 2022:
      Improve Layer 2 Implementations and Developer Guidance
      Provide cross-chain assets movement through Cosmos cross-chain solution
    Q1-Q2 2023:
      Release more high-quality third-party games
    Q3-Q4 2023:
      Combine "in-game governance" system with traditional "guild" to attract players
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