The online game industry is a fast-growing market with more than a billion users. Blockchain games are considered to be the next growth point in the blockchain application field. Globally, the number of blockchain wallet users has reached 30 million . Gaming is absolutely a highly suitable scenario to implement blockchain.
With the potential of reforming existing gaming modes, blockchain games are superior to traditional games in credibility, fairness, democracy and ownership of virtual assets. However, they are currently trapped in a vicious cycle of high entry barriers, low playability and ineffective marketing.
Efirah aims to create the first gateway to a blockchain gaming ecosystem. It would reduce the barrier to entry faced by traditional developers and players, Efirah can provide a comprehensive solution for creating blockchain-based games, and quickly acquire both traditional game players and existing blockchain users through its unique distribution system and public chain plan.
Efirah has been making steady progress. The team is developing both iOS and Android in 20 languages. In addition, it will create gateways for players, developers, blockchain communities and distributors. Efirah is on the eve of a massive outbreak.