Success of a game depends on the participation of various users. According to the different stages of the user and the roles played by them, we divide the user profiles of Efirah into five categories: core players, developers, creators, traders, and ordinary players.

Core Users

Content consumer. As the core users of the games on Efirah, they are the core participating in the experience of games. Their main purpose is for entertainment and therefore consume more EFR. They are willing to pay to play the fun game content created by developers and other players.


Game producer. Providing games for Efirah's community, connecting with players through games, earning EFR through pay points in the game, and using EFR to attract users via airdrops, rebates, etc.

Creators (User Generated Content - UGC)

Game asset creator. Use the tools provided by the game to create DIY customized content for other users, such as featured clothing, levels created with the level editor. They are typically artists and their UGC is of high quality.


Value circulation needs a facilitator. They are a barometer of the market, have a keen sense of the opportunity to make money and are extremely active in the community. They are the backbone of the Efirah Mall and online transactions, which greatly promotes the circulation of various game tokens and NFTs in the community.

Ordinary players

Asset miner. They earn money through playing. On the one hand, they experience various games for free and earn EFR, and on the other hand, they are the bottom of Efirah's community.